Spirituality and Business

27-29 May 2022, Veluwe, the Netherlands


It will be an in-person weekend event, probably for women only and take place at a beautiful venue in the Veluwe National Park. 

The focus is on “Spirituality and Business”. It is addressed to professional women who would like to deeper connect with themselves, align values with business and introduce flow to life and work.    

Through workshops and exercises around themes of authenticity, mindset and beliefs you will reflect on next steps towards your personal and professional growth and evolution. 

We will also bring in ceremonies, rituals, powerful breathing techniques and work with visualisations so that you will be able to explore your subconscious beliefs and patterns.

Co-facilitator is  Mirjam van Ruth, my dear friend and colleague and a former corporate top executive who works as a coach specialising in authenticity and business.  

It will be an opportunity to connect with a bunch of other wonderful women – we will create an atmosphere of trust and non judgement to share experiences and learn from each. 

Join us to take a break  from your everyday life when surrounded by stunning nature and nourished by delicious homemade vegetarian food you will be able to raise your frequency and spend a valuable time full of insights and self reflection.

Feel free to invite a friend of yours if you may think that may benefit them. There are three bedrooms in the main house that will be given on a first come first served basis, other participants will book nearby Airbnbs or hotels. 

There is a variety of investment possibilities, depending on single vs double occupancy and whether you choose to sleep at the retreat venue or at Airbnb.

From 222 EUR for participation and food only, and 333-444 EUR for participation, food and bed.

If you are interested or would like more info, please reach out. Would love to welcome you there. 


Interactive workshops will explore themes such as What is Spirituality?, Manifestations, True self, Relationships, Dreams, Energy, Self-love and gratitude,  as well as Women’s self-care.

Workshops are taking place in-person, in a retreat setting and online.

Register your interest here ( and you will be notified of the programme. 


 Find Your True Purpose

This is a 4 weeks online workshop with myself and a Holistic Tarot Coach, Michael Ahanti. 

By participating in the course, you will be able to explore Life Purpose in more depth.

We will look into Eastern and Western Spirituality and Psychology, work with practical exercises, but also tune into the Wisdom of Tarot, work with creative visualisations and use meditation techniques so that you will be able to explore the Unknown from a place of your own subconscious. 

You will be able to connect to your intuition and belief system to explore what your heart truly desires and differentiate it from “the musts and shoulds” of your upbringing and conditioning.  Along the way we will explore ways to contact your inner genius (yes, we all have one). 

We will be meeting online, once a week for two hours to create an intimate community platform where you will be able to share your views and experiences, ask questions and connect to some beautiful people who are going through a similar path.

On top of the 4 meetings, you will be offered a free private 30 min session of Tarot counselling with Michael to focus on your individual Path.  




We ask for a 20EUR/17GBP of booking fee to assure your spot and at the end of the course you will be welcome to contribute with a donation for an amount that feels right.



Please fill in this online registration form and we will follow up with a confirmation email. 



How can Spirituality help in Life Transitions

This interactive workshop will combine spiritual concepts with practical tools so that you can gain curiosity and integrate spirituality into your life.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are – whether you have no idea what Spirituality means or have years of practice behind – by attending, you will benefit from gaining new insights, taking part in the discussions and sharing your own wisdom and perspective with others. 

In a safe and playful atmosphere, you will: 

  • Explore Spirituality and understand how it can help you with choices, changes and challenges so that you can gain trust and look at things from a different perspective
  • Reflect on the difference between thoughts and intuition so that you reach a place of authenticity, truth and flow
  • Ask yourself the right questions so that you will get inspired to take a new direction in your journey 
  • Learn new tools, skills and techniques that will help you integrate the Spirituality into every day life and practically ground the spiritual illumination
  • Start attracting what you truly desire 
  • Join a great community and connect to yourself and others



A couple friends and I attended an introductory workshop about Manifestation, its history, how it works, and how to best use it to better one’s life. Not only was it extremely informative, it was also very interactive and engaging by using an exciting presentation and interactive activities that helped put the theory into practice. All in all, Magda has a beautiful and calming way of combining emotions, facts, and activities that reach any type of person. She has a deep intuition with the people she is speaking to and how to approach them individually whilst maintaining a group feeling.


Student, The Netherlands

You have to do it on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone