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These are ideas, thoughts and reflections on topics that can be inspiring for further work. Workshops will be based on these topics.

What is Spirituality? One Hero’s Journey towards Understanding, Connection, and Love.

More and more people talk about “Spirituality.” You hear of yoga retreats, rituals, mantras, crystals, Reiki healings, and meditations. But what actually is Spirituality? Is it linked to religions? Is it related to some cults? Is it a kind of magic stuff that sounds kind of cool, but nobody really understands or believes in it?
Spirituality is a journey. And it is a never-ending, ever-expanding, beautiful, and tender one; but it’s not easy – not at all. The reasons we undertake it and the paths we follow can be different, but they all take us through to the same intangible, yet very real place.

You have to do it on your own, but you don’t have to do it alone