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Me, at Your Wonder. Enjoying the Unknown.

Past, future. Present.

Past perfect, future perfect. Present perfect.

Complete. Incomplete.

Beginnings and endings.  And in between you wander. You wonder. 

Lately, I’ve found myself deep in contemplation about the dance that happens in between beginnings and endings, particularly within the realm of relationships. 

It is Important to acknowledge the inevitability of endings.

My role as Facilitator in your

Hero’s Journey

An increasing number of individuals seek out the guidance of a coach or therapist with the intention of navigating life’s challenges, facilitating healing, or embarking on a journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation.

Every journey begins with setting intentions. Whether through therapy or coaching, the conscious act of directing awareness is an important first step. At Hero’s Journey we propose a Yin and Yang approach, which combines structured goal-setting with the openness to allow unexpected possibilities to emerge.

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Navigating the landscape of conscious relationships, soul connections, and the essence of love, amplified by psychedelics


In the realm of romantic relationships, a transformative shift is underway. “Conscious relationships are a new concept, where partnerships are fueled by a shared commitment to individual and collective growth, prioritising it over mere relationship success.

In a world where relationships may unintentionally impede personal evolution, these individuals recognize that stagnation is the enemy. They willingly embark on the often-intimidating journey of expansion, valuing the aliveness that comes with exploration of self and the other.

What is Spirituality? One Hero’s Journey towards understanding, connection, and love


More and more people talk about “Spirituality.” You hear of yoga retreats, rituals, mantras, crystals, Reiki healings, and meditations. But what actually is Spirituality? Is it linked to religions? Is it related to some cults? Is it a kind of magic stuff that sounds kind of cool, but nobody really understands or believes in it?
Spirituality is a journey. And it is a never-ending, ever-expanding, beautiful, and tender one; but it’s not easy – not at all. The reasons we undertake it and the paths we follow can be different, but they all take us through to the same intangible, yet very real place.

Psychedelic Therapy and Coaching Proven Successful – Less Reacting and More Responding

Psychedelic therapy has recently become extremely popular and proven successful in dealing with psychological issues such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD and addiction.

After extensive research on the exploration of consciousness in the first part of the 1900s, the use of mind-altering substances was banned in the 70s because of the war on drugs, when they became synonymous with counter cultural activities and drug abuse.  But in the past few years, thanks to more widespread research as well as the popularisation of the topic via Michael Pollan’s books and Netflix documentaries, we have been witnessing what we now call the Psychedelic Renaissance.