Private sessions

* Prices exclude 21 % VAT

Call to adventure

Plant a seed of self-inquiry and exploration. This is the start of your Hero’s Journey.
Individual sessions

88 EUR (1 hour)
122 EUR (1.5 hours)

Deep Dive with psychedelics

The way you may explore working with psychedelics will be decided after the intake call, where together we will evaluate your readiness, needs, and discuss contra-indications.

You will be able to decide on a formula that suits you – from Microdosing to high doses journeys.  



Those packages include unlimited support via WhatsApp and email during the Journeys. 

*  Prices exclude 21 % VAT 


Follow your inner calling and take the first steps towards active exploration. 

  • Discovery session
  • 2 coaching sessions
333 EUR


Set goals, explore processes and patterns. Create a shift through trials and challenges.

  • Discovery session
  • 5  coaching sessions

666 EUR


Come home to yourself.  Go through a complete cycle, where you experience typical stages of the hero’s journey – joys, blockages and fears, aspirations and celebrations

  • Discovery session
  • 9 coaching sessions

999 EUR

Gift packages

Give a journey to someone you care about.

During workshops, we will explore themes such as
Yin and Yang – Masculine and Feminine within us, True self, Relationships, Self-love and gratitude, Manifestations. Register your interest here ( and you will be notified of the programme.
** Use of psychedelics can be implemented into the group workshops if a group so desires.



Transformation is a process

Depending on your needs, wishes or possibilities, our spiritual journeys together can take different formats.

Please, consider that every journey is a process. A short number of sessions will already help you to take an objective look at your life picture, identify blockages and future directions.

Doing more sessions will allow us to go more in depth with commitment, so the results will be more visible. This makes the process more solid and complete.

It can be tempting to drop out when you encounter blockages and obstacles – please know that those are important moments that make us grow and develop.