Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual Coaching (or Spiritual Life Coaching) is based on traditional life coaching and integrates spirituality into the sessions.  It helps to resolve life challenges and make progress in different areas, by combining inner process skills with action skills and seeks connection through mind, heart and gut. The idea behind it is to help people find their way by following their true, unconditioned selves. A Spiritual Coach works with intuition and focuses on the client’s personal transformation – the client will learn to see things from a new perspective and will be able to deal with his/her feelings, needs and desires in a new way in order to find clarity.  From this place of inner peace, important changes will start manifesting.

A Spiritual Coach can help you be the person you truly are, free from any limitations created by conditioning and ego. Spiritual Coaching is for those who are seeking to connect with themselves on a deeper level.  It works great for spiritual people or those who are open or curious about exploring and developing their spirituality. Sessions are customized to an individual’s goals, needs, and wherever you are on your journey. Clients are given tools which can be applied in daily life. A Spiritual Coach has integrity; the client’s own beliefs work as guidelines for the client’s own decision-making and actions. A Spiritual Coach never tries to convert a client to a religious or spiritual belief.


What about Coaching with Psychedelics?

What is coaching with psychedelics?
Psychedelics and Plant Medicines have been proven to open gates to further introspection, healing and self knowing. By introducing these substances to your coaching process, you may access parts of you that are hidden or suppressed (it might be both light and shadow!)

Please note, that we will work only with substances that are legal.

How do I know that I am ready?
After your intake call, we will discuss your readiness and needs.

Are psychedelics legal?
In the Netherlands, psilocybin containing truffles are legal.

Are psychedelics addictive?
According to research, psilocybin containing truffles are not addictive. Sometimes, the journeys may leave you with beautiful insights, so you have a feeling of “wanting more”. We will discuss  the importance of integration and other aspects so that you make sure to feel safe in your experience.

How much do sessions with psychedelics cost?
Please get in contact for this information. We will need to have an intake call first before discussing possible formulas and prices.

Which substances are used?
In the Netherlands, we work with psilocybin containing truffles, which are legal here.

What are the qualifications of your Spiritual Coach?

CSC (Certified Spiritual Coach) and CLC (Certified Life Coach) are titles that I obtained after completing a course by the Life Purpose Institute in the US, with training hours approved by the ICF (The International Coach Federation).

Synthesis Institute Psychedelics Practitioner training.

Other qualifications include knowledge gained during numerous courses and retreats. -> Read more at About Magda

What is the difference between Spiritual and Life Coaching?

Life coaching teaches new and effective ways to reach tangible personal and professional goals. A life coach will work towards the client’s self-improvement to make sure that he/she becomes his/her very best in order to achieve the desired results. 

Spiritual coaching works more with your deeper self, targeting systems beneath your consciousness and focuses more on feelings and intuition. The process focuses on personal transformation to fulfil needs (not external factors) and teaches you how to live a full and aware life.

How is coaching different from therapy and consulting?

Counselling, or psychotherapy, is about healing deep emotional issues, usually arising from the past. Therapy is advised when someone is not ready to move forward. A Spiritual Coach will know when to refer a client to therapy and will be able to provide recommendations. 

Consulting is about providing advice in an area of expertise; a coach will not push their opinions forward, but guide from the space of client’s inner wisdom.

What are the main benefits of the sessions?

Spiritual Coaching sessions will inspire you to live your life in full consciousness, appreciation. You will connect and reclaim your power, start living in your truth, clear blocks and learn to overcome obstacles. You will strengthen or develop your intuition, attract abundance, and as result, experience more joy.

What will I learn during the sessions?
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection and apply it to your life
  • Connect and work with your intuition 
  • Find your Purpose
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Learn from your relationships and look for love in them
  • Look your ego in the eyes, identify patterns and blocks, understand how they condition you and find ways to overcome them
  • Take care of your body, mind, heart and spirit
  • Make conscious, responsible choices
  •  Live according to your values 
  • Create a connection to your mind, body, heart & soul
  • Find a balance of Feminine & Masculine energies within you 
  • Create a vision and find sources of motivation 
Do I need spiritual experience to start the sessions?

No previous experience is needed. All you are asked for is to come open and curious and trust the process. I will guide you to find a way to move forward in those directions of your life that require attention.  Should you be willing to explore your spirituality, there will be ways to do it.

For those who have never been directly exposed and would like to learn, we can go through introductions to the basics of Mindfulness, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Chakras, Dream Work and more. We will also do exercises and practices to find and strengthen your spiritual connection.

Is Spiritual Coaching connected to a particular religion?

Spiritual Coaching is beyond religion, it is about connecting to something bigger than ourselves and searching for inner guidance. The client’s own beliefs are encouraged by the Spiritual Life Coach and work as guidelines for the client’s own decision-making and actions.

What happens during the Spiritual Coaching sessions?

You will be able to share your thoughts and feelings in a safe, sacred space, your needs will be assessed and met, and observations shared in a non -judgmental way.

During the first two sessions you will build a big picture of various areas of your life and set goals. We will then organise the issues, identify blocks and obstacles, explore how to change habits and patterns to live in accordance with your values.

Following that, the main coaching will take place. The areas you wish to work on will come to light, and through proven processes and techniques, you will be intuitively guided to achieve the best result. This could be working on your goals, making plans, healing, working on inner blocks, etc. (>> link refer to “process”). We will mainly use intuition but reasoning and strategy may be valuable tools as well. The process works by listening closely to your needs, and at the same time tapping into the immaterial intelligence through intuition, visualization, etc. Your permission is always warranted and acknowledged before moving forward.

Before we start, we sign a coaching agreement that covers reciprocal responsibilities.

What tools and methods are used during the Spiritual Coaching sessions?

Proven methods by the Life Purpose Institute will be used; exercises from other courses will be implemented, as well as tools such as energy work or oracle cards carefully chosen from reliable spiritual teachers. Guided meditations and exercises will be used to help you progressively transition into new mindful thinking and changed behaviour.

Elements of psychology, inner child work and more can also be implemented, always paying attention to the clear distinction between therapy and coaching. You will be always asked permission and we will only go for what you are open to.

How many sessions do I need and what is the advised frequency?

It is up to you, your intention, needs and means. Everything is part of a process and every single session can be beneficial. The most important thing is to plant a seed of transformation, through willingness, openness and faith.

Most people see results almost immediately – they report that “things change”, there is a shift in a new direction. The longer the process, the more complete the work becomes. The process is not always linear, along the way you will probably encounter blockages or life circumstances. We learn from them and build on them.

 The different modules were named after the original Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell – “Call to Adventure”, “Departure”, “Initiation” and” Return”. You will find full further explanations here >>link

The usual format is weekly or biweekly; it depends on your needs and availability. You are welcome to come back after a few months to check on progress and evaluate.


How do I know if the coach is the right match?

You will have a complimentary introductory video call with me with no obligations. This is to get to know each other, explain things further and check the match. Typically, this call is enough to establish a connection, set expectations and answer questions. After then, you are free to decide whether to go ahead or not. To me, this conversation is important as well – should I consider it more beneficial to your process and according to the code of ethics, I will refer you to somebody else from my network.

Where do the sessions take place?

We can meet on Zoom or in person in Amsterdam.

How much does it cost?

The introductory video call is free. Then, you may go for a single session or take advantage of packages, creating a longer-term commitment. The packages are prepaid and offer you a nice discount. Of course, the benefits from a longer process are stronger as it makes the journey more complete – you may encounter more interesting steps on the way 🙂 – See our Formulas and Prices

How can I book the session?

Please send me an email or WhatsApp and we will come up with a suitable date and time.

How can I make the payments?

After single sessions, I will send you an invoice. Packages are paid in advance and invoices will be issued. 

What about the workshops?

See our Workshops page to get informed


  • Introduction to Spirituality
  • Relationships, boundaries and energy work
  • Finding Your True Purpose
  • True self, Self-love and gratitude
  • Dreams and Manifesting
  • Women’s self-care cycle