Psychedelic-assisted Coaching


Hero’s Journey offers different modalities of working with Psychedelics.

Book your free intake call to explore these modalities further, and choose the method that is suitable for you, and which will make you feel comfortable.

Sessions may be held at either our location, or yours, and we are happy to propose a list of suitable accommodations if you prefer.  

The various modalities of working with psychedelics could be anything from spiritual coaching preparation, microdosing coaching, 1 on 1 journeys, or group retreats. Listed below are further details of each of the programmes on offer. 

**One scholarship a month available for those with less means

Psychedelic preparation – accessing altered states of consciousness 

You will receive coaching on your struggles and desires and explore how working in expanded states of consciousness and psychedelics could help you. You are informing yourself so when the right time comes, you will be better prepared and  have more self awareness as well as practical information on “why, how and where”.

You are also welcome to explore other ways of accessing altered states of consciousness through e.g. holotropic breathwork, shamanic drumming journeys, Yoga Nidra or psychosomatic work.

Price: EUR 133 per 2 hours session

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Microdosing coaching

You will implement microdosing to your coaching sessions so that you can work with intention, go deeper to explore significant themes, goals and blockages. Microdosing will bring flow into the coaching process and open you up to seeing and feeling more clearly. You will receive a microdosing guide and continuous support during the process. 

Price: EUR 444

Includes: Microdosing truffles, 4 sessions, microdosing guide and support during the process.

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1-to-1 Journey

In a safe and controlled environment you will work with a medium – high dose of psilocybin containing truffles. Your journey will include preparation and integration sessions so that you know better what to expect and how to implement lessons learnt into your daily life.

You will receive preparation and integration guides.

Price: EUR 777

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Duo journeys

With your partner or friend. This is a great opportunity to enter the field with a trusted friend, romantic partner or family member. We will implement elements of relational work, be mirrors and be mirrored. Sharing is caring <3.

You will receive preparation and integration guides as well as continuous support during all the process. 

Price: EUR 1,444 per couple

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2-on-1 guided journey psychedelic session (with 2 guides)

Research shows that a team of 2 guides provides an extra sense of security, making it easier to travel deeper through your inner world. You will receive extensive support from a male and a female coach during the psilocybin journey and throughout the entire post and after programme.

During 3 integration conversations in the weeks after the session you will be able to reflect on your experience, and you learn to transform the insights you have gained into practical habitual changes.

Price: EUR 1,600 per person

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VIP Programme for 2 (with 2 guides)

This program includes accommodation and mindfulness and wellness activities and will be designed to create a lasting positive impact on your mental well-being. This option consists of:

Accommodation – for 3 or 5 days at one of the most beautiful (and secret) locations in Amsterdam (availability upon request), including breakfast.

Extensive support from 1 or 2 coaches during the session(s), and throughout the programme.

2 to 3 psychedelic session days depending on your personal desires and expertly put together to have a lasting positive impact on your mental well-being.

A minimum of 3 integration conversations in the weeks following the session in which we reflect on your experience and you learn to turn your gained insights into practical habitual changes.

A program with mindfulness and wellness activities to acquire and maintain the right mindset.

Availability and quote available upon request.

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In a small group of 5-8 persons you will be able to  experience a full psychedelic journey with use of psilocybin containing truffles. Away from your home environment, you will not feel responsible for everyday duties, watched or judged.  Free to be yourself and express what comes, you will be listening to others, sharing your own stories, opening up to trust and relational wisdom. The group can be women or men only or mixed and be guided by 2-3 facilitators. After your intake, you will receive a 1:1 preparation session, have the opportunity to meet others in a video call, spend a full day at the retreat place (with or without overnight stay), be very well taken care of before, during and after your truffles journey, and integrate your experience in a final group call.

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This is a unique opportunity to embark on a 1:1 journey with Magda as your guide. If you are on a path of exploration – either personal or professional, this programme can accompany you on your path. This programme can be particularly helpful if you are going through times of transition – either by developing  your new spiritual business or going through a change in your life. 

We will take an approach combining spirituality with practicality, stay attuned to intuitive messages and flow while making sure to make a plan and take actions.

1-1 Mentorship Programme Details:

  • 6-month duration
  • 2 coaching sessions (90 mins each) per month
  • 2 additional sessions focused on subconscious connection (choose from various practices)
  • Unlimited coaching via email and text for continuous support
  • Bonus: Written guide on transitioning times and recommended resources
  • Optional discounted service: Guidance on integrating psychedelics into coaching

Investment: EUR 1,888 per person

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**Before starting work with psychedelics, you will discuss any possible contraindications and your readiness to undertake any of the journeys.

You will be offered psilocybin containing truffles – substance that is legal in the Netherlands.

Connect with us to find out how we may help you.