Relationship Check-In Questions

When you explore relationships as a path of self-discovery, it is beneficial to pose to your partner “check-in questions”, such as the examples provided below. These were inspired by a lovely training course on relationships by coaching body 🙌🏼

Who are you in this relationship? And who are you not?

Who is your partner? Who else are they?

Who are they not? Who else are they not?

Are you their Companion? Are they yours?

Are you their Lover? And are they yours?

Are you their Partner-in-Crime? Are they your Partner-in-Crime?

Are you Best Friends?

Are you their Teacher, and vice versa?

Are you their Joy, and are they yours?

Will you catch each other when you fall?

Who are you for them? And who they to you?

Try it – it will do wonders!

Conscious relationships take time and effort, and sometimes it feels daunting. Connect with me to find out how my relationship coaching may help you and your partner achieve your relationship goals.