Words can’t describe this wondeful retreat. And maybe that’s a good thing or I would totally fill the entire internet writing about this. But I’ll give it a go anyway… The love and dedication that Magda, Mirjam and Xavier put into the entire experience is almost tangible, from the very first moment to the last. With warmth, knowledge, experience and humor they create a safe and loving environment in which it was possible for me to totally let go and dive into whatever came up during my trip. They have set all the parameters to create a group energy that lifts up the experience to an even higher level. I never considered myself having a great talent for letting go, or for navigating in groups. But… I did it and I loved it. The retreat takes place at a perfect location: the setting feels secluded yet safe. Spacious and intimate at the same time. Magda, Mirjam and Xavier take care of everything during, and before and after the magic ceremony. ‘Mundane’ things like the delicious food they served us are also given great attention. As for the trip itself, the experience is highly individual I guess. So I can’t hint on any plot spoilers. All I can say is that it gave me so, so much. More and in a different way maybe than I was expecting. I left the retreat feeling grateful and positive. with valuable new insights. It’s like I have been on a relaxing holiday for six weeks exploring an amazing new continent. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone considering attending it. Please do! This was the best gift I could have given myself. Beforehand I couldn’t have imagined how fundamental it was and is. Thank you a million Magda, Mirjam and Xavier. You are amazing.

Lineke, March 2023