Initiation Ceremony – Discover the Gentle Power of Truffles!


Saturday, March 23, at the Bronhoeve in Cothen – near Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

Join us in Truffles INITIATION ceremony at a beautiful location near Utrecht. In a cozy atmosphere, with a small group, you will experience a journey inwards in a ceremony with psilocybin-containing-truffles. 

Whether you’re new to magic truffles or seeking a day of inner exploration with experienced guidance,  the medium dose is perfect for a one-day retreat and offers a shorter, milder journey.

You will be gaining insights, processing memories, and feeling your potential unfold. Our ceremony provides a safe space to surrender, fostering insights and transformative experiences. Let go, embrace change, and witness your own evolution.

What are truffles? Psilocybin truffles share the magic with mushrooms but grow underground, connecting with the mycelial network. These plant medicines are a natural product, legal in the Netherlands, used for centuries in inner journeys.


– Arrival at 10:00

– Introduction

– Short meditation

– Instructions and opportunity
  to ask  questions

– Preparing the truffle tea

– Around 1 p.m. – Opening of the Ceremony

– Ingestion and inner journey

– Closing of the Ceremony

– Around 5:30 PM there will be a light dinner and sharing circle

– We close around 8:00 PM

In a 30-minute individual (online) conversation, we guide you on diet, setting intentions, mental readiness, and address any queries you may have.

Equally crucial is integration, helping you in contextualising your experience. Our experienced coaches and psychonauts, Magda and Mirjam, offer a 45-minute integration meeting post-ceremony. This helps you comprehend your journey and use the insights to implement it into your life.

For additional support post-ceremony, extra sessions can be booked.

Location & Investment:
Saturday, March 23, at the Bronhoeve in Cothen.

The ceremony price covers the individual intake and integration call. Take advantage of our Early Bird Discount: EUR 333 (incl VAT) before February 16, and EUR 399 (incl VAT) thereafter.

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Testimonials form previous retreats:

Words can’t describe this wondeful retreat.

Words can’t describe this wondeful retreat. And maybe that’s a good thing or I would totally fill the entire internet writing about this. But I’ll give it a go anyway… The love and dedication that Magda, Mirjam and Xavier put into the entire experience is almost tangible, from the very first moment to the last. With warmth, knowledge, experience and humor they create a safe and loving environment in which it was possible for me to totally let go and dive into whatever came up during my trip. They have set all the parameters to create a group energy that lifts up the experience to an even higher level. I never considered myself having a great talent for letting go, or for navigating in groups. But… I did it and I loved it. The retreat takes place at a perfect location: the setting feels secluded yet safe. Spacious and intimate at the same time. Magda, Mirjam and Xavier take care of everything during, and before and after the magic ceremony. ‘Mundane’ things like the delicious food they served us are also given great attention. As for the trip itself, the experience is highly individual I guess. So I can’t hint on any plot spoilers. All I can say is that it gave me so, so much. More and in a different way maybe than I was expecting. I left the retreat feeling grateful and positive. with valuable new insights. It’s like I have been on a relaxing holiday for six weeks exploring an amazing new continent. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone considering attending it. Please do! This was the best gift I could have given myself. Beforehand I couldn’t have imagined how fundamental it was and is. Thank you a million Magda, Mirjam and Xavier. You are amazing.

Lineke, March 2023

It’s just done. I got the clarity.

This is regarding my recent retreat with Magda, Mirjam and Xavier. I want to thank you so much, for the all love and care that was given. I felt completely safe and protected during the whole ceremony. The accommodation was just fantastic, and food was so organic, fresh and delicious that I could still feel it’s freshness. There is no regrets or complaints from everything we received, was more than amazing. I had a beautiful journey during my ceremony. I just can’t express in words, all my questions got answered. I now feel more connected to myself and the Divine in me. The way program was designed helped me navigate through every situation I faced during my journey very effectively. I am so grateful to you, I had once in a lifetime experience I cannot forget. Still trying to process everything. But it was very beautiful and I now know what I am and what is my purpose. It’s just done. I got the clarity. Thank you so much. May you guide many more beautiful souls who feel lost in their journey.
Asha, June 2023

What a wonderful weekend

What a wonderful weekend with 5 other fellow travelers and 3 guides Magda, Xavier and Mirjam! Most of us were strangers beforehand but left as friends. That was thanks to the caring and thoughtful way the weekend had been planned – all designed to give us participants a sense of security and support for our journeys. The yurt on a farm provided a tranquil setting and, although immersed in our individual trips, the shared experience – being able to discuss our anticipation and concerns beforehand and then discuss and compare journeys afterwards – really added to the process. All in all I highly recommend both the experience and our 3 knowledgeable and professional guides.

Steve, March 2023

The Magic Yurt team

The Magic Yurt team is an incredibly professional and supportive group who help facilitate a safe and wonderfully enriching experience.

Shawn, June 2023

The Magic Yurt Ceremony

The Magic Yurt Ceremony with Magda and Mirjam was my second foray into psychedelics. Magda and Mirjam immediately put me at ease with their combined experience and obvious passion for psychedelics. Care and attention was put into everything, from the calls prior to the retreat, the beautiful setting, the truffles, the food (thanks Mirjam!) and the extensive follow-up in the days after the ceremony. Whether you have previous experience with psilocybin or if this is your first trip, Magda and Mirjam are a safe pair of hands. I’m so grateful for my experience and have a feeling I’ll be back!”

The Magic Yurt team

The Magic Yurt is well… magical. At the core of the experience are the amazing guides: Mirjam, Magda and Xavier, who with great care, open hearts and love support you throughout the entire experience from onboarding, through your journey to integration. The facilities and location in a mystical apple and pear orchard are ideal to experience a deeper connection with yourself, nature and those on the journey with you. The set and setting are customized to ensure a beautiful, safe and harmonious spiritual experience. And the food is delicious and nutritious. All of which made my experience unforgettable and life changing. I highly recommend the Magic Yurt to anyone looking to heal, explore and deepen their connection to themselves and the Universe.

Derek Lauber, June 2023